Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Opulence, I has it

Good morning!  So close to the weekend but it always seems like it takes forever.  On the other hand my kickball season starts tomorrow so I'm pretty pumped to have a Thursday activity again.  Anyways, here is a spot from DIRECTV.  There is quite a lot going on here with this Russian millionaire who seems to have everything in the world except for DIRECTV, and so what does he do, he gets it!  DIRECTV has always been known to produce an array of odd commercials but this one seems to top them all.  Probably the strangest thing was the miniature giraffe he kisses at the end...what's that all about?

Anyways, let me know what you thought!  Enjoy the day.

~Until Next Time~



  1. I saw this the other night. The mini-giraffe is a nice touch. But ... who places a couch so it doesn't face the television, especially if the TV is a gilt, museum-quality picture frame?

    I like the outward trappings of opulence and the faux Russian. Surely this guy could have found some gold-lated razors to shave that shit off his chin (or have one of the lovelies do it for him) -- there must have been some way to mix that in. Still, the giraffe is the best idea in the piece. Something rare or extinct, like a thylacine, wouldn't have gone over so well. Or a hyena. Everyone needs a pet hyena. LOL


  2. Thanks for the comment once again. I figured the giraffe would be the highlight of this particular commercial. What I find even funnier is that Twilight is playing in the background along with the Tetris soundtrack!