Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's better to know what's coming next

Good morning!! Today I bring you a spot created by BBH, London for Mentos.  Currently being aired in Europe and the Philippines, the spot shows us how the brave boyfriend failed to anticipate the kung fu fighting skills of this common home intruder.

I find parts of this spot particularly amusing but the girl constantly screaming needs to stop.  That was probably the only part of the commercial I actually didn't like.  Originally, I thought this commercial was going to play on the not so fun fact that humans swallow an average of like 15 tiny little critters over a year during their sleep.  Have fun sleeping tonight haha.  I'm just relaying what I've read, but I choose to forget it quickly.  I thought it would have been clever if they went into that direction because they could have used mentos refreshing flavor to stop these critters from coming in, but then that would probably lead to false advertising claims.

Anyways, check out the spot:

And as usual...let me know what you thought!

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  1. Yes, please, shut her up.

    Notice we only see the spider gripping and holding onto the guy's finger once. I think I would have liked to see more of the spider as the guy is flipped and tossed. Like a quick-second interstitial. Still, I guess this is an okay ad. They could've done more with the product, though. Remind me again what this commercial is for. Oh, yeah ...

  2. Thanks for the comment Cliff. I agree, I feel like some product integration would have been nice. At the end, do we really know what they are advertising? No not really.