Wednesday, August 25, 2010

How Hefty, is Hefty?

So, today's post brings about a much needed conversation in our break from traditional advertising concepts. That concept being the on-going jingle, we all know them they are catchy, impossible to get out of our heads, and always find some way to fuse them into our everyday conversations.

Its incredible how much appeal these jingles get, probably why brands are so drawn to their provocative power. Think of Oscar Mayer Weiner's jingle or Toys r' Us jingle, these have outlasted the years and lay the foundation for my argument this evening.

Do these jingles epitomize the foundation and principles of advertising? I feel as if everyday the world is moving away from those principles and latching unto the marketing and design thinking methodologies to go about their marketing. So how can a simple jingle overcome the tricks that contemporary marketers are entertaining consumers with? Or is it truly that the power of a jingle speaks for the malleability of consumers?

Not sure if I am getting my argument across but please check out the commercial below..

Is it a jingle for the ages? Let me know what you think.

'til next time!'


  1. Great post @aParadigmLost it's funny you posted this because I can never seem to get this specific jingle out of my head. HEFTY HEFTY!

  2. See, I wouldn't call that a jingle per se. A mantra, maybe. haha. I guess it can go under the general heading of jingle. Is it a jingle for the ages? Sure-- it's worked for 20 years.

    Personally, I think the jingle is about dead. But, like the multi-camera sitcom with a laugh track, it still holds on. We will have them for a long time to come -- and they can be easier to recall and repeat than a campaign based on a long story, if they are good.

    As for this ad: meh.