Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How a DSLR, Protractor and Tape Measure Filmed One Man Walking America

Good morning!! How's everyone doing?  I've had a busy weekend, sorry about missing out on some posts!  I participated in the annual Bike to the Beach 100 mile bike ride on Friday supporting Autism Speaks.  I'm still pretty tired but I'm sure I'll recover!

Anyways, here is a great video to start your day off!  Levi's went ahead and created one of the coolest viral videos ever.  I would love to see more brands doing this because this is pretty damn cool and it took some serious time and effort to pull this off and that's why I went ahead and attached the behind the scenes footage as well!

So how this works is that this guy actually walked coast-to-coast across America in stop motion.  A group of guys traveled across the US creating this video one shot at a time.

Pretty cool right?  Well check out how it was made:

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