Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvest the Rainbow, Taste the Rainbow

Good morning!!  Happy Monday to all.  Looking forward to today actually, the U.S. Open begins today and I'm looking forward to watching Federer play!  The past two years I went up to New York to watch but not this year...kind of sad, oh well.  

So like I've always said, if you have any funny commercials you want me to put up, send them over to and I would be happy to share them.  Reason being, this morning's post was actually sent to me by one of our most avid readers "Uncle Cliffy".

Skittles is usually known for producing some of the more weirder commercial out there and this one certainly fits that category.  Really? A tree growing out of a kid? And if I'm not mistaken, the kid looks eerily familiar to the kid from the movie Little Giants:

Anyhow, besides simply being a strange commercial, it really brings out the "what??" reaction out of me.  Really not much else to say about it, so let me know what you thought!  Check it out below and enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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  1. Finally, if I do say so myself, an ad worth contemplating. Haha.

    Seriously, this is kinda off-putting, which is what I thought when I first recommended it to WIM. The kid is unattractive and dirty. The ad raises all kinds of questions, like why the tree is growing out of the kid in the first place. But Skittles is not shy of the shocking and rarely asks its viewers to ask questions. So I guess it's okay.

    Funny, I don't recognize the kid, but I recognize his mom. Didn't Dwight bring her as a date to Michael and Jan's, and then left her at the bus stop to get home?

  2. I know their commercial are kinda wierd but this one is not only off the wall but somewhat creepy. The reference to keeping the kid home to grow skittles against his will does not sit well with me.

  3. This ad was a bit disquieting. It was almost an ad for child abuse, or broken dreams. I guess I was not the only one who was put off by it. It almost reminded me of Steinbeck.

  4. Thanks for the comment! Never been and still not a fan! Remember to become a fan at!

  5. Haha not at all! All I ask for is one normal commercial, though I am a fan of their "contradiction" commercials. Remember to become a fan at

  6. Always appreciate your comments Cliff. It's borderline creepy, and the whole commercial just doesn't sit well.

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