Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can we really believe this?

Good morning! A slightly different approach this morning, and going for a darker commercial than those I have posted before.  Today I present you with a spot simply called "Stairs" and it goes into the frightening world of domestic violence.  The spot is kind of creepy with the song choice and the women falling down stairs, don't you agree?  Anyways, not much to say about this one today and open it up to you guys.  What do you guys thing of this artsy attempt?

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  1. Another ad I was prepared to hate. But I think it is effective. It's graphic and, in its way, beautiful. The photography is really beautiful. This could have gone very very wrong very very quickly (at first blush, it could be mistaken for a shoe commercial), but I think it makes a good point well. Remember that anti-hunting faux-mercial I told you about from SNL in the 1970s -- this reminds me of that. Making a brutal point brutally, yet effectively. I give this a nod.