Monday, July 19, 2010

Study like a scholar, scholar

Good morning!  Why is it that the weekend always seems to fly by so quickly?  I can't believe that in 2 weeks I'm biking 100 miles!  The bike ride is called Bike to the Beach and it's for autism, so luckily I'm doing it for a great cause.  Anyways, I'm still looking for people to donate so if you want to offer a helping hand, please visit my donation page and leave me some love!

So last week it was all about Old Spice and how they took over the web, and it seems like people are still buzzing about it because here is a parody on the classic Old Spice commercial created by BYU encouraging students that they should spend more time at the Harold B. Lee Library if they want to get grades like this guy.  There have been a few takes on the original commercial but from the ones I saw this one is my favorite.  I would imagine a lot of people are trying to make their own versions though.  In the mean time I can't wait to see what Old Spice has up their sleeve next!

  Anyways, check out this video and leave us your thoughts!

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