Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Spotlight on Lance

What's with Lance these days?? Is his pocketbook slimmer from having ridden his finances worrying about everything but his cycling? It appears so as we coincidentally highlight two collaborations that construct what he calls his branding these days.

The first video, as commented by fellow WIMer yesterday falls into the eco-friendly area that I don't think Lance is quite ready to engage in. Personally it doesn't make a lot of sense and neither does the video below, given my support for Lance and his movement in the past, I think he should rethink his strategy, get back to his basics, do what he does best.

Watch the video below, hopefully you haven't had enough Lance yet... maybe you will after the spot!

Its got a great message, execution is nice and it communicates the message well. I guess this is more a critique on poor Lance and greatly unjustified; thus I'll let you guys enjoy and tell me what you think.

'til next time!'

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