Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Spark your F50i

3 days later... silence, yet the stadiums still ring with the cries of agony and joy that were passionately shed for the past month. And our ears still perk up at even the slightest resemblance to the sound of a vuvuzela singing in the distance - it was the sound of hope, a hope that will soon fade from our memories as we wait out another 4 years...

Fortuntely for us, we still have the players and brands that helped make this happen. Today we thank Adidas and the creative grind that goes into keeping the spirit alive and kicking during those frigid and lonely 4 years. Below is a perfect example, check it out!

I've looked forward to these Adidas commercials since the day I saw Cantona flip his collar up before executing a direct kick into a demon's heart and today I sit mesmerized at the control and style only Messi can conjure...

Please share your favorite soccer commercials!

'til next time!'

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