Monday, July 12, 2010

Shredding Up Streets Near You!

With the launch of Shaun Whites new boarding game comes this particularly entertaining spot featuring urban riders taking on newly transformed urban landscapes. Watch them rip it up and cause a little havoc out on the streets.

I'm a sucker for any skateboarding video especially one with a nice groove and nerve-wrenching tricks. If you fall into this category enjoy the video below!

The rise of user generated content has laid the ground for promotional videos like the one above, that gives the directors the opportunity to maintain a grimey/indie look and feel to the video without losing its appeal or cool-factor. I am sure we will see more videos like this in the near future from brands who live off the digital cool factor Millenials seek.

Enjoy your Monday! And stay tuned for more posts this week!

'til next time!'

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