Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Old Spice responds to World in Motion via video!

Good morning everyone! You guys wouldn't believe what happened yesterday!  So I was taking a look at some of the tweets from Old Spice and realized that Isaiah Mustafa the man behind the amazing commercials for Old Spice, was making video responses to some of his favorite tweets, Facebook comments, and YouTube comments. 

 Immediately I thought how cool would it be if I got him to answer one of my Tweets.

I tried sending a few others before this one but no luck.  However, to my surprise I noticed that Old Spice actually did make a video response to one of my tweets!  

I couldn't believe it, it seriously made my night haha. 

You have just made a loyal customer and I will wear Old Spice Body Wash for the rest of my life! 

Check out the video response below:

I'm not entirely sure how they are doing this but there have been video responses all night, one even to Ashton Kutcher!  As you can tell, he reads my question and what I find great is the fact that he then laughs during the response...fantastic!  What Old Spice is doing is simply amazing.  Pure genius.  We recently featured two of the newest spots to come out from Old Spice and as usual they haven't let me down.  Isaiah brings his usual Old Spice humor to these video responses, and is doing what every successful brand does online...interacts with its FANS.  Old Spice is being talked about left and right all across every platform, so congrats to the team at Wieden+Kennedy as well as Isaiah Mustafa for putting this all together.  I'm sure we will here about this for a loooooong time.

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