Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Man's Man, Man..

Old Spice is shaking up lazy and effeminate mens' world big time with their new campaign. And they are attacking on all fronts: print, media, and viral which is proving to be a huge success for them. As the frustrated ladies are using their newfound spokesman to poke their men into action!

We featured their latest commercial last Thursday, yes.. the one with the ridiculous swan dive into a hot tub. And today's post features the same man in a boat ripping off his mustache to please the ladies in a fantastical version of what I can only imagine would consist of their ultimate frustrated wet dreams. BUT amusing nonetheless, check it out below!

As you can see, their idea is to convert this barechested nubian fabio into their version of the most interesting man.. a comical step for the brand and a very clever way to place the purchasing decision on the frustrated females who will dreamingly buy the entire Old Spice lineup for that lazy dud sitting on their wilting sofa.

'til next time!'

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