Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jackson's New 360 3D Terror Ride!

A man of creative brilliance, Peter Jackson has managed to stir up those illicit butterflies in our stomach once again. This time, its just a teaser for the real thing but given the filmed mayhem his new ride for Universal Studios inflicts upon users you can tell he has gone about doing something incredible.

I'm not particularly stunned by the new 3D trend that's popping up everywhere but this will certainly be an exception to my ambivalence. I love these kinds of amusement park rides and will probably plan out a time to visit Universal Studios soon! - just to relive my youth a bit!

Check out the trailer below! Its produced by the masterminds over at David&Goliath, one of my favorite agencies.. and as you can see, do great work for their clients!

Tell me you don't want to experience the thing live now?! I haven't really seen commercials for other kinds of amusement park rides like this but if you think of any, let us know!

'til next time!'

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