Friday, July 16, 2010

Gillette would like to know How YOU Like it Shaved?

Good morning!  I'm sure everyone has been looking forward to Friday all week.  It's been a pretty exciting week though, with Old Spice taking over the web with the most amazing viral campaign to World in Motion getting a shout out from Mr Old Spice himself, I would have to say its been a pretty successful week.  Anyhow, this mornings post was inspired by an e-mail I got from Simon Owens, author of Bloggasm, you can follow him on Twitter as well right here.

Simon shared two hilarious spots that I had actually never seen so thanks for passing these along!  The first spot is by Gillette, titled appropriately "How Do You Like it Shaved?"

Before those dirty thoughts start running through your head, actually I'm sure that's already happened, why not take a look at the spot yourself.

What do you think? Funny no?  For some reason I felt that the quality of the video wasn't very good, but what can you do.  Gillette recently launched their newest shaver the ProGlide, which I'm sure isn't all that different from the previous one but this ad campaign surely is trying to get you to shave more...your face that is.

And now let's move onto the next spot.  I don't know how I missed this one either but it definitely trumps the Gillette one.  Jaime Pressly stars as host to Axe's spot "Clean Your Balls".  From old balls to dirty balls and from big sacks to prickly balls, this spot really covers every ball out there, even the small ones!

This right here is a very humorous yet dirty spot from Axe, but lets be honest here, I wanted to start your Friday off right, and with the help of Simon Owens I think this post does it.  So there you have it, enjoy the spot, have a laugh and get ready for the weekend!!

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