Friday, July 9, 2010

Cause it's racing

Friday.  You must be pretty excited for the weekend by this point.  Does anyone have anything exciting planned?  I'm actually up in New York this weekend for a friends 30th birthday party. 

 Anyways, on to the post!  Wieden + Kennedy slow down the NASCAR action in this new ESPN spot.  Personally I'm a fan of Formula 1 because that's really all I have ever watched, but I did get the opportunity to go watch some NASCAR at this Autism Speaks event I attended in Dover.  Check out some of the photos I took on my Flickr page.  

After watching it in person, I have so much more respect for these guys.  They go around that track so incredibly fast, and I can't forget to mention that these cars were so loud that I thought I lost my hearing a few times.  The only thing that really turns me off from it is the fact they just go around in circles, and as a result makes F1 much more exciting.

The spot below is quite well done, and the way they slowed everything down makes it look very intense and gives the viewer a sort of behind the scenes view of close up NASCAR action.  For the NASCAR fan, I would imagine this spot would get you very excited for the next race, or am I wrong?  Any fans out there?  Does this spot make you like NASCAR more?  Though the one thing that this spot does is that its "Cause it's racing" slogan is eerily familiar to the Michelob Ultra spot featuring Lance Armstrong and their "Ultra Life" slogan.  The two commercials are pretty similar in what they are trying to do but either way I like both.  Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the post and why don't you take this opportunity and check out the spot below:

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