Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tiger Woods appears in new spot for EA

What's up everyone? Let me start this post off by asking you guys to send some love over to @aParadigmLost because he's sick and has been in the hospital for the past couple days! Not to worry, he should be out soon!  

Anyways...back to business!  EA just launched a new spot that features Tiger Woods and the launch of his new game.  This ad is certainly different from the last one we posted where we saw Tiger for the first time since the scandal.  This new spot certainly shows glimpses of a happier Tiger Woods, which is kinda funny because I think the latest story is that he is finally going through the divorce process.  I wonder if we should expect to see any new ones?

Another funny thing to note about this game is that this was the first time Tiger was not the only one featured on the cover!  Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 features Tiger Woods AND Rory Mcilroy:

Anyhow... I think it's about time for me to show you this commercial:

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