Thursday, June 24, 2010

Street Tennis with Andy Murray

You've got to love the ads that come along with the major sporting events. For me, its mostly because you get to see an otherwise focused athlete chilling out, messing around, or giving you a perspective few people hardly get to see.

In today's post you'll get to check out Andy Murray mess around on the street with his primary tools of destruction. It's great because it has a lot of creativity behind its production and some really great elements that humanize him to his fans. AND... he's laughing through most of the clip! Great stuff check it out below!

Great viral ad for Head Raquets, and a spot that will help Murray, a british hopeful, rile up his fanbase. This is an initiative I'd like to see other brands get their stars to do.

'til next time!'

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  1. Awesome post Julio. I particularly enjoyed the end where Andy paints the Head logo on the wall. Very creative.