Thursday, June 10, 2010

Stella & The Diamonds

You've got to love great collaborations, sometimes its simply the fun of listening to one of your fav groups jamming out with reason for a brand. In this case its Stella Artois, the mother of all European beers except for Peroni, who collaborated with Marina & the Diamonds for this great spot.

Conceptualized by Mother London, this spot unites the two popular names under a funky, retro-like commercial. Its amusing to watch and creates a feel-good buzz for Stella. Perfect for the summer and anti-work vibe that goes along with it. Check it out below!

These ad isn't just touting a great beer, it is announcing a new light-weight bottle that uses less CO2 emissions in its fabrication, ultimately offering a classier brew. Great stuff!!

If you guys know of any similar spots that have some collaborations like this, please send them along. For now just enjoy the video and look out for it while you watch the World Cup Games!

'til next time!'

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  1. Great post APL. I can't wait to see this new bottle they roll out seeing that I'm a huge fan of Stella Artois! Though the commercial is kind of odd to be honest haha. But I'm happy to finally connect the sounds I heard on the phone last night to this video haha.