Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sony Shows 3-D to Peyton & Justin

Good morning to you all!  I hope everyone is doing well as always and don't have too hard of a day planned out, after all it is The World Cup!  With the world going through this football craze, it's only fitting that I post about the commercials that are being aired during the tournament.

In this particular spot quarterback Peyton Manning and music icon Justin Timberlake visit Sony's 3-D R&D lab where they test out the newest 3D glasses.  I actually went to the store to give these 3D TVs a go but I can't imagine wearing them for an entire match.  Don't get me wrong, the TVs are very very cool but I just can't get myself passed wearing those glasses for the entire time.

Anyhow...check out this humorous spot and let me know what you think!  Though the one question I do have is why is that when they take off their 3D glasses...everyone falls except for the woman who appears to be standing the entire time?

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  1. I find it rather ridiculous that every movie has to be in 3D now. We've more or less had this technology since the early 90s and I have to wonder if this is all a fad again.

  2. Great point Kai. I don't really understand the buzz about 3D either. Who really wants to sit through an entire 3D film? I get sick of watching those special 20 minutes that get played in 3D during some movies. Those funky glasses have been around forever. I'm pretty sure it's just that TV sales are down and they are looking for new ways to attract customers. Though...I must say that 3D gaming really interests me and I'm excited to see more developments concerning that!