Monday, June 21, 2010

The Power of Olympus

Goodmonday to you all and a special shout-out to Kenneth on this day - Congrats! Happy Birthday! Let's hope he has a great day today...

Given the festive nature we kicked this post off with, I thought a little birthday cheer via a new Olympus spot from the people over at Mullen would help set the mood. I have never had any real desire to buy an Olympus branded product but this spot definitely made me stop and think again.

Below you'll find a surprising twist to the end, meanwhile during the shoot lots of clowns and other animated passer-bys act out a nice weekend stroll in Olympus land. Which I can't say really won me over or helped convince me of any product attributes but like I said, it's Kenneth's birthday and he likes this kind of stuff. So... Without further delay!

I believe the ending is quite clever, it packs the needed punch to place this spot in consumers' mindsets. I am really looking forward to seeing how the public will react to this product and if there is a warm reception from the technologically savvy community.

As the old ad age goes... "nothing kills a bad product faster than great marketing!"

'til next time!'

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  1. Great post Julio! Haha. Thanks of course for the birthday shout out as well! I kind of liked the spot as you thought I would but don't know if I am very impressed with the camera itself. I just got myself the Canon Rebel which is AMAZING.