Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Liven up your pack!

Unfortunately for those of us on the wrong side of the Atlantic we miss out on the opportunity to personalize a 6-pack of Heineken's for memorabilia's sake. All it takes is 3 simple steps and poof! you've got yourself a dandy pack of brews to show off to your heart's delight.

I'm really enjoying what the creative crew over at Heineken have
been crafting up this year - the UEFA Champions theatre spoof was pure genius - and now they are letting consumers customize their bottles for more engagement.

Three simple steps: 1. Choose your bottle's skin. 2. Personalize front and back of bottle. 3. Ship out bottle to yourself or friends. That simple!

I give this campaign many kudos for bringing user engagement to another level in a fun and interesting way. I believe initiatives like this really help brands stand out from the rest and would like to see where this bold new step takes Heineken and the many brands that will follow in its wake.

'til next time!'

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