Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The flip-top cigarette pack

Just when everyone was trying to get healthy this comes along.  @aParadigmLost would appreciate this posting for one main reason, and that reason is design.  Hopefully he shares some of his thoughts later.
Below you will find the flip-top cigarette pack.  Who knew the days of trying to make smoking cool were over?  Remember this guy?

Well here comes this new piece of creativity.  

Let me tone it down a bit since these cigarettes actually don't come with any cigarettes to my knowledge but regardless, I think it might get people to smoke at the end of the day.  TankBooks took it upon themselves to launch a "series of books designed to mimic cigarette packs – the same size, packaged in flip-top cartons with silver foil wrapping and sealed in cellophane." 

 The creativity behind this piece of work is fantastic.  Being able to turn something like a cigarette pack into something completely different like a book takes a good deal of creativity.  On the other hand I could see this getting people to smoke more, especially if you're a smoker.  How could a smoker possibly sit there and read this book without thinking of smoking?  And again, how could a non-smoker read a book like this and not think of trying to have a smoke?  Either way, I think the idea behind this design was excellent but what it might do to consumers might not be so good.

The books are "by authors of great stature – classic stories presented in classic packaging; objects desirable for both their literary merit and their unique design.
Each story is complete and unabridged – with a type size that’s easy to read. Individual books are great for throwing into a pocket or handbag – an instantly familiar object to carry with you. The complete set comes in a stunning tin – perfect as a really original gift."

Judging by that description doesn't it remind you of this? You know something that is perfect for throwing into a pocket or handbag:

TankBooks goes on and says "Try one and you’ll be hooked"

Sound familiar?  Haha.

Anyways, I thought this would be something everyone would be interested in checking out!  Like I said, I don't think they actually want people to smoke but I just think that it might get people to smoke haha.

What does everyone else think?  Leave us some of your thoughts!

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  1. I think this is a really great concept for the book publisher, I think to tie up the entire process up neatly, it should have designed a little space in the book that carries 2 cigarettes and a match to light a cig while they enjoy a quick read.

    I think an alliance is in order, camel and the publisher unite to brand reading experiences. Mini-martini maker would also be very in order to complete the reading experience set. I think hotels could offer this set to their guests... what do you guys think?