Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FirstBank of Comedy?

I found two great ads from a little known bank called FirstBank, I actually don't know how big the bank is but I have not heard of it, maybe its big out on the west coast. What's important is its easy going humor that helps get the bank's services across.
They quick witty spots that I'll definitely look forward to seeing more of. I think its a quick way of garnering awareness for its services. Take a look yourself!

And also this spot titled, "Hotel" which a lot of people prefer over the one above but I still find the humor behind the first spot more entertaining.

It'd be great if they could integrate this video campaign into an experiential marketing stunt at trade shows, conferences, concerts, etc. I think it could gain a lot of uproar for its spontaneity and double-take consciousness.

'til next time!'

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