Monday, June 28, 2010

The Brooklyn Spike Knows

Who doesn't enjoy the backstage pass, the all-access pass, or the behind the scenes sneak preview! That's why I am starting off the week with this video that takes us behind the scenes of the ABSOLUTBrooklyn collaboration with Spike Lee.

I really enjoyed this clip because you can see the creative drive in Spike's work and there is noone better for this collaboration than Spike Lee. Since his filmmaking days for his epic movie "Do the Right Thing" Lee has managed to capture Brooklyn's spirit in everything he does.

The bottle comes out looking great, nothing wild and ostentatious, just deep down soul and spirit. Check the video out below!

As you can see, brands must look to collaborate with legends like Spike Lee that give meaning to a new product or service, make the dots connect in consumers' minds and great things happen. Its even better when a brand uncovers the creative process behind a product or service, the grind that was required to get everything on its feet.

Definitely a step forward for the Absolut crew and hopefully it's not the last of these kinds of collabs we get to check out. Stay tuned!

'til next time!'

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