Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Would you have a drink with, who?

I'll start this fine Wednesday morning with a $18.3 million campaign created by Ogilvy for Stolichnaya. $18.3 is the price you pay for confusion, irrelevancy, and bad acting.

Sorry Hef, I respect your playboy lifestyle... but praising yourself over a Stoli while talking to your magnate twin isn't going to take you very far. Nor is it doing Stoli any good given the brand's product is lost in your storm of ego. Check out the video below!

I would have enjoyed the collaboration had the product's attributes been praised alongside Hef's ego. In my opinion this commercial leaves a lot left in blank and one can only question what kind of mumbo jumbo agencies are brewing these days. Praise the drink! And then let us know why Hef can't mack on young bunnies without it!

Stoli should have kept with the spirit of the World Cup and come up with something interesting. I am sure the Heineken and Guinness folks are up to some great good. Any hints to possible commercials from those two??

'til next time!'

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