Saturday, May 1, 2010

Why is the last piece...

always so bad to take? Have you ever noticed that?  You know what I're at a restaurant sharing an appetizer and all of you are clearly hungry but when it comes to the last piece of food everyone seems to get awkward.  No one dares to grab the last piece because they want to appear polite, but we all know you really want to eat it.  So the question is why don't you?

Everyone around the table is just staring at it, and I'm not going to lie I always eat the last piece just because most of the time I'm pretty damn hungry, so why not? I understand it's the polite thing to do but we even go so far as to OFFER the last piece to everyone around the table, are you kidding me!  You want this piece so badly but you will offer it to everyone besides yourself.  Now you know what happens next right? There is always SOMEONE at the table who says "yeah! I'll have it" 

and then are left with NOTHING.  Just like that. Poof!

So...I'm going to leave you with some advice and try twist this around.  Starting from today, I want you to always take the last piece.  If you want it so badly, just take it.  You see this "last piece of food" dilemma in your own professional lives.  We are blessed with so many opportunities in life that could change everything, but how many of those have you actually taken?  Probably not that many...and guess what there is always someone else out there who will take it.  Think of that job you have always wanted to do but you tell I don't think I can do it or you just think about it for days and days just like the last piece of food of the table, you just let it sit there until it eventually gets taken right from under your nose.  If you really want to do something just go out there and do it, because how else will you know if that's what you should be doing if you never try?  Just remember that there is always someone else out there who is itching to take your opportunity from you, and so it's your job to make sure that never happens.  So take that last piece before I do.

That's enough about that! Today is actually the first day I have posted in a veryyyy long time.  You have no idea how busy I've been and it was either update some posts or finish school haha, so I chose school. I had my last day of classes on Wednesday and have officially wrapped up my MBA!  A pretty exciting time of my life and I'm looking forward to what this will bring me.  The family is coming over from Europe for my graduation next Sunday so everything is pretty much perfect.  All I need now is to find a job!  I've given myself a small break after finishing classes but I need to start searching again!  Here is a video I found, kind of motivating but wanted to share it with everyone!

Anyways, with my new free time, I promise the team at World in Motion will be coming out with more posts on a more continuous basis! 

~Until Next Time~


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