Monday, May 24, 2010

Strategy with a Splat!

Hello Again! It's been quite too long of time since I've had the chance to post. I apologize for my absence and am glad to be back on a more comfortable working schedule... without further delay, I present a viral campaign created by DDB Milan for Lavonline.

The basic premise was to introduce this new service to a predetermined target in order to boost usage and awareness. The reason why I chose to highlight this campaign is because of its originality and cleverness. Below you will find a video created by DDB that explains the gist of the campaign.

I believe the campaign works exceptionally well, given its target group and the cleverness in communication. The video and the concept are explained very well in the video, so I won't take up your time explaining the unnecessary.

Don't you wish you had this service in your hometown? At least getting one of those boxes would be fun, especially with that tomato to throw around!

It's good to be back!

'til next time!'

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