Monday, May 24, 2010

Spartan Golf Club: Coolest Logo Ever.

Happy Monday everyone!  Does anyone have anything exciting planned for the rest of the week?  I'm about to embark on another week of operation find me a job.  Know of one? You know where to contact me.  Any Lost fans out there?  I just got done watching the finale...and I must say that could have been the worst finale ever.  I even stayed up for Kimmel to try get some more answers!  What did everyone else think?

I'm going to put my Lost feelings aside for now and show you one of the coolest logos ever!  Below you will see the logo for Spartan Golf Club.  By first look it doesn't look all that special, but why don't you take a closer look and check out what makes it so cool.

Pretty bad ass isn't it? I think so.

Enjoy your Monday and get back to me with any comments!

~Until Next Time~


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