Thursday, May 27, 2010

Like this and Like that and Uh!

It seems like hamsters are all the rage these days in the advertising world. And I can't argue how nicely executed the spot created by David&Goliath is below.
D&G have been coming up with some great campaigns that are coherent with their consumers mindset and lifestyle. For a long time, I felt the voice of the typical lower-to-middle class segment was misspoken by brands. A lot of noise and not enough creative impact.

What do I mean by creative impact? Well the video below does a great job of personifying a segment through an otherwise cute and cuddly creature. It takes on attributes of the segment and empowers them in a creative way that allows the target audience to identify with its brand.

In this case KIA is touting a new hyper-stylized car that comes with all the benefits that the other hamsters limited rides don't have. Check it out below!

Hopefully D&G is smart enough to not flood the mainstream channels with this commercial so it doesn't lose its edge and become an overplayed, undercommunicated spot like everything else out there.

'til next time!'

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