Friday, May 28, 2010

Lets build a smarter planet

Interactivity, its great because it takes you places and makes you feel never conceived before feelings toward a brand. Personally, I really enjoy discovering new advents in the field of marketing because they empower change, for the better and place the weight of deep thought upon those who create.

The example below, is a video produced to promote the ongoing advents at IBM. The advent I am featuring below, in essence, teaches the old pony a new trick. And it doesn't teach the trick to praise how easily glittery distractions blind those who need to step up and head the needed change. Check it out below!

Yes, they are using the traditional billboard medium; however, they are employing a strategy that demonstrates the power behind focusing thought to create new experiences and products. It gets managers to rethink their conceptions of supply chain and create the innovation necessary to stay competitive.

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