Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"I get through life knowing that...

a lot of stupid people exist."  That was probably one of the greatest things I have heard in a long time.  But isn't it true?  I've always wondered why people always seem to complain whenever anything happens, especially when it comes to change.  Take a look around you, someone is always complaining about something.  Are there no satisfied people out there?  We as human beings always have to find something to complain about, and funny enough people are more likely to tweet something negative than positive, that's an interesting thought.  You can certainly see that this is true, whenever some kind of change happens and people don't like it, they are right on Facebook or Twitter expressing their sometimes very ridiculous and extreme views.  I've always wanted to chime in on their conversations  but like I said, I get through life knowing that a lot of stupid people exist.  

What I find funny though is that these conversations are always between people who share similar views because the opposing view can't be bothered to comment, and when someone does dare to comment they are replied back with an even more ridiculous comment.  I'm sure you have seen this before.  What I think they should do, is create a forum on Facebook specifically for these debates haha...well I guess they could create a discussion? Actually can you?  If not, it would be a great idea.  I'm not really referencing anything in particular it's just something I have noticed, but it's just that I think some people need to learn to keep some of their views and thoughts to themselves.  Anyways, my solution from now on is knowing that a lot of stupid people exist, and I can filter out the stupid people and focus my time on the smart people.  Here is your Wednesday morning ramble brought to you by The WIM.  If you would like to express your own Wednesday morning ramble about any topic that is bothering you, please use the comment section and we would be happy to read it!

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