Thursday, May 20, 2010

Don't talk while he...


As you can see, this is a pretty intense advertisement warning you about the risks associated with driving with your mobile phone.  It's pretty dramatic but at the same time this is a serious concern facing everyone today.  Mobile phones have turned into such powerful devices that consumers can't just let go of them anymore, and unfortunately what's happening is that people are texting, checking their e-mails, snapping photos, and don't forget they can still be used to call people.

Ever noticed people doing the cell phone walk? You know what I'm talking about...they have no idea where they are going because they are walking but constantly looking down and texting or e-mailing on their phone.  I say next time, stop and let them walk into you haha.  Let me know what happens!  Anyhow, let me hear your thoughts regarding this ad.  I'm guilty of a lot of the things I mentioned, but I really should just focus on the road!

In other news, I twisted my ankle yesterday playing basketball :(  Here is a photo:

Let's hope it gets better soon!

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