Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christiaan Van Vuuren is "the Fully Sick Rapper"

Good mornnnnnning! Hope everyone is doing well.  This is just another video on how the Internet can shoot you into stardom out of nowhere!  Well...Christiaan Van Vuuren decided to make a series of amazing viral rap videos during his stay at a hospital after he was diagnosed with tuberculosis (I'm not sure how he is doing now, so any update would be appreciated!). 

 I don't want to spoil the video or the story as it's all explained in the video, but I find it amazing that this guy was able to capitalize on his stay at the hospital with the use of the Internet and turn himself into a star.

Enough about that, here is the video!

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  1. he's still in hospital! check out his youtube channel

  2. Thanks for the comment Simon. I can't believe he is still in the hospital! I can't imagine how he is feeling! It seems like he has been in there forever. I'm very impressed that he has been able to turn himself into this Internet superstar though. He has a lot of talent. Not everyone can produce the types of videos/songs that he does, you really need to be in a creative mindset to be able to do that. Thanks for the YouTube channel as well, I might have to do an update post on his situation with some of his newest videos! They are hilarious.