Friday, April 9, 2010

Nike unveils new Tiger Woods spot

The Masters is underway and the field is looking a little different this time around.  After not competing for 144 days, Tiger Woods is back.  Not only is he back but Nike unveiled a new commercial starring Tiger and his late father a day before (I think) The Masters began.  Despite all the talk going into the tournament, Tiger prevailed (as always) and is trailing by two going into today.  He was actually pretty surprised himself on how well he played.  Not everyone there liked him though, judging by the planes that flew overheard with signs saying something like "Are you sure you didn't switch to bootyism?!"(Gotta admit...that's pretty funny).  Anyways, check out the video and lets see how well he plays today.  Share your thoughts about the video, what do you think? Good move?

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