Thursday, March 4, 2010

Twitter, Facebook, what companies are doing to keep their fans engaged

I must say I loveee sushi.  I just got back from a friends birthday dinner, and we celebrated at Nooshi in downtown DC.  The sushi was pretty good but I still left hungry...hmmm what to do about food now..

Anyways, I wanted to post about some recent success I have had on Facebook and Twitter, and how happy I am to see companies interacting with their fans.

So the first company I want to profile is Arnold:

According to Arnold

"Great Work Works." It's as simple as that.  At Arnold, if it doesn't work, it's not great"

So I guess I'll start from the end and work my way to the beginning of my story.  I made a comment on the Arnold Fan Page and to my surprise I ended up winning tickets to see the Celtics take on the Knicks!  My comment was related to one of Arnold's latest campaigns taking place at Chicago O'Hare Airport.  The campaign was aimed at luring travelers to Amtrak with the goal of "trying to appeal to airline customers fed up with flight delays, escalating checked bag fees and cattle car seating."  The humorous ads which can be seen below try poke fun at air travel.

Now, if you take a closer look at the above image the tag line reads 

"Wear Mismatched Socks.  We'll never know."  

The campaign itself was extremely clever.  I always love advertising campaigns like this one because they sort of jump out at you with no warning and you are pretty much forced to look at it.  The surprise element to this idea was great, but there was one thing that bothered me a lot.  Here we are trying to advertise Amtrak and we are telling our consumers that we wont notice if you bring anything on our trains.  I have taken Amtrak quite a number of times and I can certainly tell you that no form of security exists, you could literally walk on there with whatever you wanted, be they mismatched socks and they would never ever notice.  

Now, taking a jab at security especially related to travel and more importantly in the world we live in today made me a little uneasy.  The reality is that people are willing to go through extra security to ensure that they get from Point A to Point B.  Being an avid traveler myself flying back home to Europe quite often, I know what these security lines are like and I'm willing to go through those extra long checks just so that airlines can ensure my safety.  

Now, this is just my own opinion but luckily enough my own opinion happened to win me a pair of Celtics tickets.  There are two things I liked about this, actually maybe three.  1) Arnold is willing to listen to their fans, and to their sometimes good and sometimes bad criticism.  2) They actually interact with their fans.  Many fan pages don't do that very often and when they do they just don't seem to show any kind of sincerity through their comments, and lastly 3) I won some Celtics tickets haha.  That on its own is pretty amazing.  Check out a picture from the game if you don't believe me!

Ok so I'm almost done with Arnold but after brainstorming for a few minutes about this whole airline idea and playing around for a few minutes on photoshop I decided to take a shot at the campaign myself.  

Now, being a traveller myself as I mentioned before I don't mind these security lines but there is one thing that makes Amtrak much more comfortable compared to airline travel and that is comfort.  I think it would have been great to somehow compare leg room on Amtrak compared to airplanes seeing that they were trying to appeal to customers fed up with the cattle car seating.  

I didn't want to stray too far away from the whole concept but I started thinking...what is it that I find so annoying about airline travel and then BAM it came to me.  SHOES!  I hate having to take off my damn shoes when I go through those scanners haha.  So, I thought it would be appropriate to stick with using the security bins because that is where you need to place your shoes once you take them off but the only thing we needed to do now is change the tag line.  So, what I ended up coming up with was this:

"Lace your shoes once with Amtrak"

I would love to hear some of your thoughts on this!  I thought this would work just as well because I feel that it ties into the whole situation perfectly as well as to the whole haha! Surprise! routine.  Just imagine you putting your shoes into this bin and seeing that...I don't know I think it would be funny and it would kind of get me motivated to go and use Amtrak but that's probably because I'm the one who came up with the idea haha.  Then again this is just my opinion and as great as I think my ideas are, some people will disagree and that's why I open the comments section of this post to you!

Ok, so enough about them and lets move onto the next company! 

I'm going to be honest here and say that I have heard a lot of bad press regarding teleflora.  Has anyone had any experience with them?  Regardless, the post isn't about their ability to deliver flowers but rather their interaction with their followers on Twitter.  I happened to be Tweeting during the Super Bowl and providing some thoughts on some of the commercials.  The Teleflora spot (below) happened to be on and I can't remember what I said but I know I said it was "ok" and that it was nothing special.

Anyhow, after tweeting this the people from Teleflora wrote me back and began a conversation with me and long story short they provided me with a great discount on some flowers!  Now, I don't know if this was because Valentine's Day was right around the corner but regardless, they listened to what I had to say and rewarded me with a great discount.  So thanks Teleflora! 

Wow...this post ended up being longer than I expected but while you read through this post, I encourage everyone to leave comments, share, and most importantly subscribe to our posts!

~Until Next Time~



  1. I can't help but wonder if Chicago O'Hare's move to allow Amtrak to advertise is gutsy, or a bit desperate to create another source of revenue. Nonetheless it is a very interesting campaign. I am happy to see that following these campaigns won you some recognition with the tickets.

  2. Good example of social media building meaningful interactions with people.

  3. i like your take on the amtrak ad. i feel more comfortable with the fact that lacing my shoes once is about my convenience, rather than the big red flag of "we dont have security measures". send that one along and see what they say. many campaigns will take the same platform and develop a few variations. helps keep the campaign alive and interesting, but changes it up to the point that people dont get bored with the ad. could work out quite well for amtrak. unfortunately airports would probably kill the contract if it eats into their passenger traffic. i didnt check out the teleflora, sorry.

  4. Sorry. But in the context of the TSA airport bin, your line, Lace Your Shoes Once, and the original line about mismatched socks BOTH remind one about the lack of security on trains. The original line just happens to be funnier....

  5. They certainly did! It was a close one but they came out with the W

  6. Thanks for the comment Freddy. I'll keep you updated on any news I hear!

  7. Thanks for the comment Jamie. No need to be sorry. Why apologize when you have done nothing wrong? I understand that both lines hint towards security, it was actually what I was intending on seeing that it was the target of the campaign. But I felt that the line I used wasn't as aggressive. The original line certainly is funny, I don't deny that but the way it's worded "we'll never know" sounds like they are trying to breach security, or even someone is trying to hide something. My only concern is that with people these days being very sensitive about travel, I don't think using the topic of security was the best way. Thanks for the comment though Jamie. We always appreciate other people's opinions and I hope to see you comment on other posts in the future!

  8. Thanks for the comment Garon. Appreciate your input! Hope to see some more comments in the future!

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