Sunday, March 7, 2010

Safe but Naughty, Volvo's New Direction

The 'This to Shall Pass' has been tearing up the viral charts and with good reason - very cool video. It's a great way to make something viral and fun in order to engage with consumers. I believe some brands have made some attempts similar to this with equal or less success but this is definitely a great example of where to head with your intentions.

This brings me along to my post of the day about a recently launched campaign by Volvo - essentially its a dare to the safest naughty drivers out there. While its subversive hook may be to elicit the bad kind of naughty in order to catch your attention, its really asking consumers to come up with naughty tricks for the S60 to perform.

Online they have videos of the S60 running a slalom course in three different levels. The first level being a standard run through a slalom course, level 2 tests its skill by replacing cones with fine china and a fish bowl, then it takes it up a notch by having the S60 run the course backwards.

All cool ways to feature the dynamic attributes of the car, and a bold move for a brand like Volvo that needs to differentiate from a stagnate market. To back this up, Volvo is daring users to find 'naughty' tricks for the S60 to perform. I'll keep my out for the videos to come but for now, check out the S60 ripping up the slalom course backwards!

Can you guys give me some examples of other cool viral campaigns being done by brands? Let us know!

'til next time!'

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