Friday, March 5, 2010

Oldies but Goldies!

As promised and heeding to the saying, 'oldies but goldies!' I present you with two great commercials from some South American ad agencies "power-ponies". Both commercials are for global brands and respectfully these ad agencies have earned the right to make funny and creative stuff for them.

I think a well-established trend in the ad industry is the rise of the creative power behind dynamic small agencies to win some huge accounts. Well, now international borders are broken down as small global agencies place the cold end of the barrel on some of the ad world's big boys.

And this video clips are perfect example of that, the first is a short created to promote the Buenos Aires Film Festival - it takes a great swipe at Tom Selleck! The second clip is for Pepto Bismol - don't let your food hurt you!

Love the moustach-o rub... classic ad!

Two really great commercials, I believe they won a lot of recognition during their time and set those small agencies well into their current future. Expect a more detailed briefing soon! For now, enjoy a laugh and forward it onto your friends!

Have a great Friday everyone!

'til next time!'

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