Monday, March 8, 2010

Lady Gaga, Social Media Strategist

Lady Gaga is the face of the new generation of female pop stars, this is an achievement she's garnered through her outstanding performances and personality but also her fierce social media campaign. Experts argue if she is really the brains behind her outstanding operation but from what is known Lady Gaga does indeed orchestrate most of her efforts.

How she engages with fans through social media:
- According to AdAge, all parties who work with Lady Gaga on her label, management and marketing teams cite Gaga herself as the ultimate brains behind many of her creative and social-media ideas and tactics.

- "Bad Romance" debuted last November on before MTV or any other outlet - resulting in a Universal Music server crash, a week-long Twitter trending topic and a cumulative 136 million and counting views on YouTube to date, more than any other past viral music video. (Ok Go's - This Shall Pass garnered 3.5 million views)

She can be seen Tweeting from backstage at her performances, to launching debuts of her freshly minted videos on her site before releasing them mainstream, and barring professional videographers from her performances to allow user-generated content be distributed via YouTube and other online sites.

Call it what you want, but the marketing behind Lady Gaga is an incredible demonstration of marketing prowess. Its simple and speaks truth with the end-user, love for music. And this approach has helped concrete her position as a leader in the music industry right now. So I invite you to engage with Lady Gaga today!

Lady Gaga is the perfect example of how fast the marketing machine can be learned and used to create mass media hysteria...

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