Thursday, March 4, 2010

Just get to it!

Its been quite some time since my last post, a lot of changes I'm getting accustomed to still - new house, new job - and all the tedious groundwork that comes along with getting two responsibilties like that up and running simultaneously.

However, I was very intrigued by the last post about venturing out and trying to bait your next big job. This is something I encourage everyone to do, get out there and test the water. The day I learned to ride a bike was the least prepared day of my life.

Yet, eyes closed as I ripped down a hill like a chicken without a head, I started pedaling, pedaling faster and faster until I had made it about half a block away from my departure point. And figuratively speaking, I haven't stopped pedaling since then!

So for those individuals who risk the chance of working at a "fast-paced" environment, or trying something new... I can only say - just get to it! And learn how to pedal as fast as you can.

I hope you all sleep off the wear-and-tear of the week tonight in preparation for an incredible weekend!! And for those readers looking for new challenges, time to blow the dust off those resumes!

'til next time!'

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