Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Interview: Use them to your advantage

Happy Tuesday everybody.  This post comes at a time where people around the world are anxiously looking for job opportunities, I for one am one of those individuals.  I've been thinking about something for the past few days and thought it was time to put these thoughts down.

It's clearly natural to be nervous going in for a job interview or even doing a phone interview, some things you just can't change.  But one thing you can change is the way you look at this interview.  I don't care how nervous you are but think about this the next time you get called in.  Take the pressure off yourself and put the pressure on the interviewer.  Obviously you are there to impress them with your talents but remember that they are looking to hire YOU.  They are there to tell you that their company is a great place to work.  Obviously they are going say everything possible about the company that puts it in the most positive image but take this as an opportunity to spin the interview on the interviewer.  

You aren't just going to say yes to anything are you?  So, try figure out what it is you are going to get yourself into because at the same time you are going to find out what company culture is like and how the interviewer reacts to some of the questions asked.  If he/she doesn't seem to know some of the answers, does that company really look all that attractive anymore? By doing this it takes all the pressure off of you and moves it onto them.  ESSENTIALLY they are there for an interview just like YOU.  Guarantee that they do a damn good job of selling their company to you because you want to find a place that you like going to each day.  Otherwise what's the point

Think about this as you start your Tuesday, and to all those actively looking for a job, GOOD LUCK!

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