Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heineken: A Visual Case Study

Goodmorning to you all! I'm starting the week off with a great case study conducted by Heineken and JWT Italy to promote and gauge online receptivity. Its a visual case study so its quite entertaining to watch. Check out the video below...

The idea is brilliant, it coordinates many levels around one major social event - AC Milan vyying for the UEFA Champions Cup. As most male readers know, sacrificing a huge sports match to spend quality time with the girlfriend/wife is probably one of the most unpleasant necessities of becoming a man.

However, JWT and Heineken managed to embrace the unpleasantries for both genders with its awesome prank. The best part is the prank was not small, it was huge! It involved a lot of people and different mediums were used to communicate.

The takeaway from this post is, the video immediately became a viral hit. Both online and traditional mediums broadcasted the event and reactions. Check it out below

Makes you wonder, more case studies should have this level of engagement and thought process. Its fun, rewarding and unifying. A great way to promote your brand and link it with the love of the game. What are your opinions, did you like it or not??

'til next time!'


  1. This is a great! I love it! This will certainly make me drink more Heinken, their marketing events are just pure genius. I think my favorite quote is "No seriously there is a match, I'm not joking" hahahahaha

  2. Absolutely brilliant!! i'm so happy for those folks, they seemed so devastated by their downturn of luck. furthermore, kudos to Heineken for capitalizing so well on the outcome of the event. nothing's more beautiful than a well-planned strategy, that works out perfectly. keep it WIM, bring us more like this.

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