Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Godin: On Being a Rock Star

Good Tuesday to you all! I trust your week started well and the next few days will go by in a flash. Today I'd like to highlight a post by Seth Godin about motivation and performance. It is somewhat similar to what we discussed last week about "over-promising" in order to win a job interview.

Godin points out that living each day with the pressure of being 'a rock star' or being the best of the best at all times is: IMPOSSIBLE! I'm sorry if you expected the opposite but we can't expect to be changing the world every day and that every decision we take saves babies in Uganda or blue-collar managers somewhere in Pleasantville.

Life doesn't happen that way - we can't be rock stars. But what Godin does argue for is, being a rock star for 5 minutes each day. Doing the best we can, exceptional work, work that matters at least for 5 minutes each day.

Setting this objective for each day is what will make you a rock star in life, able to take down any job requirement and elevate it to that greater something only you can set upon yourself.

So take a moment to think, did I just make the last 5 minutes worth it? Well... did you?!

'enjoy the day!'

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