Thursday, March 11, 2010

Always, Look again...

I've decided to heighten my efforts to showcase great international ads of the world, I believe understanding what's going on around your immediate context is very important. It serves to broaden your knowledge, imagination, and laser-like ability to hone in on multiple consumer touch-points.

Today's post is about a spot whose aim is to create social awareness for a very important segment of modern day society - I won't go into details so that you see it for yourself. But overall very clever spot, creative, and gripping. Check it out below...

Created by WCRS, London this ad brings light upon the cyclist world, how dangerous it can be and how mistakes can be avoided through education and awareness. I like the use of the oversized objects to symbolize the focus-points relevant to those who make mistakes.

Just the other day I was thinking about how we as a society are conditioned to place larger-than-life attention to irrelevant things and ignore the important details. And this commercial does a great job of making that obvious to us.

'til next time!'


  1. They hit the cyclist because they're driving on the wrong side of the road.

  2. @EuropeSucks very funny and clever. look forward to another one of your comments soon!

  3. Haha thanks for the comment. If I'm not mistaken though, isn't the only place in Europe where they drive on the other side of the road the UK? In that case, the Brits have always been known to be quite stubborn.