Friday, February 12, 2010

When Golden Ads Get Stolen by Bad Creatives

The man knows not what sequins is. Trite?? Of course! But first let me give you the contextual frame of my critique. A couple months ago, I came across a brilliant series of ads for Dos XX. These ads portrayed what its like to be the 'world's most interesting man' - very clever ads, hilarious for the most part and functional.

Why?? Because this viral campaign garnished the sales crew at Dos XX at least a couple of sleepless nights calculating the flood of revenue. How it became succesful by proper diffusion via social networks and social media sites. Today it stands as a great success that established a brand icon for the ages.

Back to the word trite. I used trite because some hot shot creative over at French Connection decided it'd be genius to portray a look-a-like Dos XX dude to sport the attitude of its clothing. The video is directed in the same fashion as the Dos XX spot, however for me it lacks the panazz that created the success of the first and original Dos XX man.

And now for the original...

I'll have to stand the harshness of time and social media to see if I'm right or wrong. But I do respect the authenticity of a brand icon and being a little more creative than having to borrow from it. At least have him hold a Dos XX!

This is my first critique, be gentle but do leave your thoughts!

'til next time!'

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