Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The Valentine Bowl

With the suspense leading up to the SuperBowl well underway its not hard to become disoriented by all the ad and marketing hooplah being thrown your way these past two weeks.

And in hopes of finding the best of the best out there I bring you a campaign developed by the astute folks over at Target. (No puffery added!)

Essentially it is a Facebook app dubbed 'Super Love Sender'. The app allows users to send interactive Valentine's Day cards with the underlying fundraising goal of giving $1million dollars to the charity voted most popular by the card senders.

The campaign is a fun way to share laughs with friends while creating hope for those in need. If big name organizations somehow manage to tie in a small donation for the mass smiles their viral hits create, major social issues could be reformed at the expense of millions of laughs!

That might be too idealistic but I'm aiming for something in that direction. With cause marketing becoming a up-and-coming trend for corporate giants, why not tie in viral with cause mareting like Target did above?

Maybe something like... 'Some people close windows after they view a video, others choose to open windows for humanity. Donate some relief today!'

Take a stab! - critique and/or share your views.

'til next time!'

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