Monday, February 22, 2010

Twitter Engagement Among Companies

Bonjour!  Decided to throw in a little French greeting into this post to remind myself that I need to go back and review!  Great language to learn, anyone have any helpful guides I could download?  I've been meaning to try out one of those podcasts iTunes sells but don't know if it would be worth the money...any recommendations?

So the topic I wanted to go into today is about Twitter engagement among companies.  I make it a priority to always follow everyone back, and always respond to any @Reply that is sent over my way.  The one thing I don't do often is respond to DM's.  I find that DM's are almost all spam, and so I tend to just delete them without any hesitation.

What I have noticed while being on Twitter, and following a variety of companies is that there are several companies out there that advertise that they are on Twitter but do nothing in terms of engagement.  Not to name any company specifically but what I have noticed is that some companies just use the "Twitterfeed" application to automatically Tweet the latest news that comes off their website.  I'm not saying this is a bad thing but I could just as easily go to your website and take your RSS feed and just save that to Google Reader and BOOM I have an identical feed of your account.

Now, like I said this isn't a bad thing...I do the same thing for WIM just because I like to get my latest posts out onto the web.  But for companies to just rely on Twitterfeed and say that they actively use Twitter is a small lie.  All I'm really asking is to see some kind of engagement on your profile with other users!  Show me that there is someone behind that damn logo of yours.

Ok, so that was first thing I wanted to discuss.  Now, lets move onto Followers.  I understand it must be a pain to always accept people, but guess what?  You joined the social media game, so why not play it?  It's annoying to see companies with a MASSIVE follower base but only following say....20 people.

That tells me that you don't care about the people who follow you, and you don't honestly believe that whatever you are trying to do through this social media platform is working.  Show some kind of meaningful connection with your followers so that they know there is a person behind that damn logo again.  It really isn't that exist that allow you to automatically follow or unfollow large groups of people.  SO THERE IS NO EXCUSE!

So to finish this post off, how can companies say they use Twitter when they show no kind of involvement?

 If someone out there knows why companies don't often engage enough with their followers or just can't be bothered to show that they follow others please let me know!!  Lastly, if anyone knows companies that are guilty of what I just talked about, leave a link to their Twitter account and I would be happy to feature a list of those companies people feel that need to be doing a better job!

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  1. Transparent Language, awesome site with what I believe a substantial language program. Then there is the coveted Rosetta Stone a premium program that has great reviews.

    About your post, social media is all about the person behind the bloody logo! That's why we connect and look forward to interaction, although its powered by technology does not justify the lack of humanity that should exist behind it. I agree with you 110% if companies want to have huge numbers just for show they should post that as their status.

    It's all about interactions these days, failure to do so in a transparent medium just demonstrates lack of interest. Nice post!