Friday, February 12, 2010

Social Networks: When is your audience big enough?

Man..Dwight Howard can JUMP!  I'm actually in the middle of watching the Spurs take on the Nuggets on TNT but nothing spectacular going on, looks like the Spurs are going to pull this off.  I wish I could jump that high, but after watching White Men Can't Jump it just hasn't been the same. 

Anyways, I wanted to post on a thought that came to me today.  WIM recently reached 2,000 Followers on Twitter, and as much as this excites me, I couldn't help but think when is big too big? Throughout our life we have always been told bigger is better am I correct? Well what value do you get from an online community of 20,000 Twitter followers or 10,000 Facebook fans besides the gratitude of having that nice BIG number next to your username? See..I bet you are already attracted to the fact I wrote big in caps!  

What I'm getting at is, what if you have this large follower base but only a small portion of those followers engage with you within those sites? What does that give you? Nothing. How different are you from the fan page with only 100 Facebook Fans but almost all of them engage with that page.  In this example, I think I would rather have the fan page with the small number of fans rather than the larger number of fans.  

My reasoning behind this is because people join these networks because they want to feel part of something, and when your follower base becomes too large that person begins to lose his/her place within that page. Once a member of a small tight knit group of fans, is now a small fish in a tank full of bigger fish, or sharks or turtles or whatever animal you might want to refer too haha, but don't get me wrong, these other animals are aggressive and want to be the alpha dog.  As a side effect that person feels less important as they once felt and might begin to look for other communities!

Anyways, this was just something that crossed my mind today and would love to hear your thoughts on this topic!  In the mean time, World in Motion isn't going to consider this for now haha, but rather is  looking to grow their fan base (ironic haha).  

So with that said, I'm going to present you with some options:

Do you Tweet? Then follow us on Twitter

Do you Facebook? Then become a fan on Facebook

Do you Buzzzzz?  Then Buzz us on Google

Do you YouTube? Then hmm..YouTube us? That works for now: YouTube

Do you Yahoo? Then join our Yahoo Community

Alright, in the mean time, remember to post your comments and I encourage everyone to follow WIM on whatever platform you like using! 

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  1. I couldn't have phrased it better myself. I also believe having a tight nitsch fan base ready to disarm us with their comments and insights is better than 20 comments with less relevancy. I guess the big numbers mean a lot to the big boys because they need those metrics to survive. Without them they lose their relevancy and flounder in a competitive social media landscape! So I invite those of you reading to voice your comments and insights!

  2. Yeah that is probably true. Small numbers sound nice to the smaller sites out there, but I guess the big boys need to report to the higher ups with some higher numbers to let them know things are working!