Friday, February 26, 2010

Social Media Authority: Measuring and Improving Online Influence

FRIDAY.  Any BIG plans for the weekend?  I love Friday's.  Even better since that today Finland is taking on the US in Ice Hockey for a chance to play for gold or silver!  


Besides that, I wanted to post about what I did yesterday.  I had the unique opportunity to participate in a social media webinar.  Being strapped for time I quickly logged on and went to the first presentation by Brian Halligan (@bhalligan).  I can't possibly post about everything he talked about but the topic of his presentation was "Social Media Authority: Measuring and Improving Online Influence"


Brian Halligan

So let me go over some of the things I quickly wrote down.  If you are interested in increasing your online influence, the one thing to focus on is increase the amount of remarkable content you put out.  He recommended us to engage in activities in a variety of "watering holes" that are on the web.  For example, the ones he pointed out that were the best were "LinkedIn Answers, Yahoo! Answers, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Foursquare, Digg and Reddit."  

So lets put that into an easy to remember equation:

More Online Influence = Your Brand/Company + # Of Watering Holes

Got it?

Yeahhhh you doooo. do we measure influence? Easy! It is a Fx(Reach, Attention, Spread) 

Now how do you find influencers you say? Well thats want to make sure your brand, your Twitter handle, your LinkedIn account, whatever it may be provides enough influence to influence others in retweeting or sharing your information!  Now, Brian gave us a great resource as to determine the influence your Twitter account has online! Visit Twitter Grader and just enter your Twitter name and watch it spit out some information.  During the presentation @cymbalmark Tweeted me with a better resource called Klout.  Both were great resources so I recommend you guys check out both!

Anyways, something that Brian said during his presentation has really stuck with me.  He recommended companies to encourage their employers to Tweet, to start blogs, to start pretty much creating some kind of influence online.  Also, funny HIRE people who Tweet and who Blog because if your company is lucky enough to find people with a large follower base or with a large online influence, you could use them to market your brand or your products to the follower base they have already set up.  I thought that was a great thing to say because there are several companies who are only just starting to Tweet and finding it difficult to build a large follower base.  So if you have someone who has already built a large follower base, you could use them as a valuable resource in your company.  

Now I'm going to finish off this post with two other things that I found very interesting.  First being:

"Don't Pimp Your Product"

More than just a funny quote it does hold a tremendous amount of meaning.  When you are online, don't always talk about your company or your products, remember to show some love for all the other people out there and if you do that you are sure to increase your online presence.

And LASTLY, apparently the best time to Tweet is at 4PM on a FRIDAY.  So upon reading this post, I want everyone to Tweet this at 4PM today and EVERY other day if you don't get a chance to read this post today!  Now, in reference to 4PM I found it pretty funny that the time 4:00 came up, now this is because one of my favorite TED videos is "Rives about 4 AM" (Watch the video below) 

 It might not be 4AM but again, 4:00 o'clock sure does get a lot of press.

Please comment, share, and express your views! I would love to hear anyones opinions about the above posting or if anyone has any other great resources we should know about!!

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  1. Very interesting! I love that TED video. Haha

  2. Don't pimp your product indeed! Nice post, i think the importance of engaging with others via the web is primordial for a brand or person. The trick is finding the connection that makes the trasnaltion of digital to real the world worth the effort for you and your users!