Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Ongoing Competition

A while back, theWIM posted about an on-going "friendly" feud between Audi and BMW. Its brewing to become quite a legend for prosperity because they continue to devise clever ways of taking swipes at each other. Reference #1

As consumers, we can only sit back and enjoy the ongoing raillery. Today I feature two new spots from Audi who contest their leader position in the luxury automobile market. Call it engineering, design, or simply who has the wittiest creative this side of town - regardless it's a win win battle between these two.

The first spot by Audi pays tribute to the never-ending friendly rivalry between human beings. Since our birth we subliminally fixate ourselves to duke it out over friendly competitions. That's why I like this ad, its funny and witty... playful way of saying, so long suckers!

The second spot I can't say I'm a huge fan of simply because its quite unremarkable yet very well executed. It gets the message across, yet maybe if they had not played game to the trendy "droll-rant" being used by different campaigns at the moment. They could have turned out something exceptional like the video above.

Despite my critique of the second video. I know both will do well with viewers. One makes you laugh the other one tells you what to do. Lets see what BMW has to say about this!

'til next time!'


  1. i really like the second (Spell), it conveys a truth about the auto industry. for so long, the strength of a company's sales had been in correlation to the quantity of dollars dumped into marketing (not absolutely so, some of the competing manufacturers do produce outstanding automobiles). albeit, quality is not best conveyed through hot and constant marketing. contrarily, for Audi to go on this off-centered approach that proposes a questioning of the standards (and assumptions) in buyers minds, is an encouraging alternative and an homage of respect to the buyer as having purchasing power. i see it as a refreshing reminder that the markets are still alive!

  2. Garon does make a good point, the commercial attacks a major issue in the marketing of luxury automobiles, a problem that has existed for years and only worsened with time. So a step in this direction is great, if and when Audi supports their argument with the highest regard for quality and innovation. Should it fail - which I doubt it will - would be proof that this ad is a temporary band-aid to a major issue being faced by many automobile manufactures. Great comment Garon, thanks!

  3. Thanks for the comment Garon. I completely agree with your assessment. I would also have to say that I enjoyed the second spot a lot more than the first. Thanks again for your insight and participation! I look forward to further comments from you in the future!

  4. With GM and Chrysler down in the dumps, Ford's luxury vehicles (Lincoln) not matching their increasingly reliable mainstream cars, and now Toyota's PR disaster, the German companies are trying to regain the foothold they held in the 70s and 80s - It's a real opportunity... and increasingly competitive.

  5. I believe this is where the greater value from German Engineering comes into play... has a German manufacturer had any big recalls in the past 2 decades?? I think Kai is right in that this will serve as a very opportune moment to solidify safety with class in consumers mindset.