Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nokia points the way with huge London sign

Cause marketing is going to be huge in 2010 I can feel it.  Pepsi recently launched their Refresh Project and that's been generating a lot of buzz since it officially began on Monday? I think...  Anyways, it's good to see another example of how we can do good for society, and how fitting that it would be called the Valentine Bowl.

So, as many of you obviously don't know but do now, I'm a big fan of cell phones, and I recently made the switch from Nokia to BlackBerry, not because Nokia is a bad phone, it's just that I had a better deal with a new service.  Actually, I probably would have stuck with my Nokia phone but unfortunately Verizon offers a wide range of really really old Nokia phones.

Anyhow, I'm a big fan of Nokia (probably because I'm from Finland, but that's besides the point) and so when I saw this video it made me happy that Nokia is finally stepping up their advertising because I've always felt that they don't do as much as they should.  As a way to promote Nokia's navigation technologies, our arch nemesis Sweden and the agency Farfar decided to turn their backs on Ericsson, and create a massive digital arrow that would hang above London, and better yet, the public could control where the arrow pointed by sending an SMS to the arrow with a location around the world and the arrow would slowly turn and point to your given destination and give you the distance to it!  This was a great move on Nokia's part and what's a better way to say I'm the best cell phone provider then hanging a gigantic crane with your logo hanging above London?

Anyways, check out the video and see for yourself!

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